Meet Donnie Fan, International Stand-Up Comedian hailing from Beijing. His comedy weaves together his mixed-race background (中美混血), his single-mom upbringing, the journey of self-discovery, and the quirky escapades of adapting to life in China. Donnie's comedy journey boasts a headlining spot at Second City's 50-year anniversary week, jam-packed shows across China and Canada, a standout headline act at Malaysia's Georgetown Comedy Festival, as well as a soon to be featured special on IQIYI. His wit and charm have earned him the titles of Best Beijing Comic 2022 and Audience Choice Best Comic 2022. Donnie Fan's unique blend of humor promises laughter, relatability, and cultural insights that leave audiences in stitches worldwide.

Donnie Fan是一名扎根北京的国际脱口秀喜剧演员。他的喜剧融合了他的混血背景(中美混血)、由单亲妈妈抚养长大的经历、自我发现之旅以及适应中国生活的古怪经历。Donnie在中国各地以及环球巡演时总是座无虚席。他曾在多伦多Second City剧场的五十周年庆典周和马来西亚的Georgetown喜剧节上演出精彩的个人专场,并即将在爱奇艺国际推出他的喜剧特辑。他凭借独特的机智与魅力,赢得了2022年北京最佳喜剧演员以及观众选择奖。他与众不同的幽默风格定能让观众在欢乐中找到人与人之间的共鸣,他对不同文化的解读也使他能让全世界的观众都捧腹大笑。